Jellyfish bloom

Red sand at Kaihalulu Beach.  Kaihalulu is one of the few red sand beaches in the world. The sand is a deep red-black, which contrasts with the blue water, the black sea wall, and the green ironwood trees. The cindercone behind the beach erodes constantly, which continually enlarges the cove. This hill is rich in iron, and is why the beach’s sand is such a deep red.

"Look at me while you cum."
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Lundgren Monuments specializes in custom designed memorials, sculpture and funerary urns for the modern world, specializing in large sale cast glass, granite and bronze.

Fetus, injected with Alizarin dye, mid-20th century. From the University of Glasgow, Anatomy Museum.

Nile Crocodile catching and eating Thomson’s Gazelle as it tried to cross the Mara River, Masai Mara, Kenya, Africa
Photo credit: Robert Winslow

Overgrown swan ride at the abandoned Spreepark Plänterwald theme park in Berlin
Photo credit: Anjelica Triola